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    Audio Cut Off


      I am currently editing an interview. I have been cutting out the “ummms” and “ahhhs” and it plays back perfectly in my timeline. However when I export, the first half of every word following a Cut is cut off. Example: ”forming lasting” Cut -> “relationships“ becomes “forming lasting” Cut-> “lationships” post export. My audio files are Wav files synced and linked with the video and I have background music (also a Wav file). Additionally, I used a few audio crossfades to get rid of some pops, but that does not seem to be the issue. This Is not a multichannel project (I don’t think I need that). I have cleared my cache and deleted the render files. Nothing seems to work. Any help is appreciated!

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          Update. After multiple export attempts the dialogue audio on track 1 is no longer even playing. Checked levels and made sure it wasn’t muted. Have to double Click the track and drag it back down to the timeline Then reapply essential sound. Only problem is now crossfades cause the first track applied to lose audio. First question is still unresolved but if anyone has any answers to why I’m running into all these audio issues please help!