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    Please Help!!! Flash page linked do another flash page on server doesn't work

      I'm creating a website for a client that has a component scroll on the main stage linked to a dynamic text box with some buttons that when clicked will load an external file on Layer 1 of the main timeline in Flash. When I tested it in Flash it worked, when I previewed it in Dreamweaver it worked but when I uploaded it to the server. The main swf loads but the files that are linked to the main .swf don't

      On the first frame of the main time line I have the code below

      On each of th buttons I have the code below
      on (release) {
      loadMovieNum("Movies/Thumbnail1_mc.swf", 1);

      I have read some of the posts here but my main .swf file plays so its not the "scripts" folder in the wrong place.
      and I'm pretty sure that it can't find the files due to my path to the file, but I'm not sure how to get the main .swf file to look for the Thumbnail .swf files on the server. Please help.

      Thank you