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    After syncing audio and video, whats the easiest way to edit?

    Steven Tucker Level 1

      This is the first time I have worked with a separate audio track so need a bit of direction.

      I have a 20 minute clip from an interview with separate audio. I have dragged both of these into the timeline and synced them. So far so good.

      Previously when editing clips I have always marked the in and out points in the source panel and then dragged this into the timeline, this allows you to easily re-order and fine adjust individual clips.

      However as I have the full 20 minutes in the timeline it seems to me I can only trim this by using the razor blade tool which is less easy to quick edit and swap clips about.

      It would seem logical (to me anyway) that it should be possible to drag that synced 20 minute sequence back into the project panel so that it becomes a clip and is editable in the source panel?

      If I am making any sense at all can anyone advise the best way to sync and then edit in the source panel?


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          R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          In the sequence, right-click on the clip and choose "Link" which should join the audio & video sections into a single 'clip' for editing purposes.


          Also ... are you aware of "pancake" editing? Two timelines, one above the other?


          It's a very fast way to rough-cut sections. Create two sequences from the media, then with one open, drag the other into the timeline area but up to the top of the panel for the Timeline area, so you get the truncated pyramids showing on the edges of the panel. Drop the sequence on the top ghosted blue truncated pyramid, you should now have two sequences one above the other. Select/delete the clip from the bottom sequence and you're ready to start.


          Play/scrub the upper 'raw' sequence to your first in-point, Ctrl-K to cut. Play/scrub to an out, Ctrl-K to cut. At that point it's either Alt-drag or Ctrl-drag that cut section to copy it to the lower sequence. Play/scrub to next in point, rinse and repeat.



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            rodneyb56060189 Level 4

            some cameras record sound internally even when using slated sound. Like my DSLR. Typically the video I put into V1 will put the internal sound ( even if it has no real 'volume' or usable stuff  on it ) into A1. Then I would delete that audio from camera in timeline and put the slated sound into A1 instead. Then sync. Then select both V1 and A1 and LINK.


            I don't edit stuff using source monitor in out points, nor pancake stuff, mostly cause I have a different way of doing stuff that is not so easy. I may want to add graphics, soundtrack, insert shots, and other stuff, and simply do editing a different way. But what most people do and what Neil suggests is the best easy way to do stuff in my opinion.

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              Steven Tucker Level 1

              Thanks I hadn't heard of Pancake Editing but I have now and just watched a couple YT videos on it, looks a really useful way of editing and now putting it into practice.

              Thanks for the help