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    How do I make use of expressive eyes in Adobe Animator


      I'm started to work on creating different eye expressions for a couple characters in Photoshop to use in Animator for a Youtube video. However although I've seen tutorial videos that show how to create the character face and making different mouth's for the different sounds. When it comes to eyes, the only videos I've seen show static eyes, where only the eye brow and pupil move and that's mostly done automatically by Animator by using its settings. Except I want to have extremely expressive eyes for my character. But I also don't want to waste my time creating a variety of expressive eyes, if they'll be useless in Animator.


      So I'd like to know if Animator can be used to change and morph a basic set of character eyes to show a variety of expressions and if so how do I make use of such a feature? Or do I indeed need to make individual sets of eyes to show elaborate expressions to use in Animator?