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    Sync errors with creative cloud


      Hi guys,


      I've switched back to Lightroom, because I would like to use Creative Cloud. So my workflow quite often is to upload photographs from my iPad with the Lightroom CC app, do a lot of my editing from the iPad, and then when I get backup home, I start Lightroom Classic CC. It syncs with the cloud, and I can do the finishing touches and print.


      And at large this is working just fine. But not always...


      When Classic CC downloads the photographs from the cloud, it quite often corrupts one or two of them, so they have the little black "!" in the upper right corner of the thumbnail. Only way to fix it (it seems) is to download the photograph with Lightroom CC and then replace the local copy.


      I've read several articles on sync problems, and based on the suggestions I have:


      • Checked my internet connection (100Mbps fiber, wired network) - no problems.
      • Scanned my disk for errors - no errors.


      Any hints, solutions? It is driving me nuts.


      I'm running Lightroom Classic CC 7.4 (the problem was also present in earlier versions) on a Windows 10 laptop. Everything is updated to the latest patch level.


      Thanks in advance,

      Jens Rohde