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    Where to store Photos/Catalog,Etc.


      Hey guys,


      I'm still fairly new to LR but I'm enjoying learning new things, answers to the majority of my questions I managed to find either here or on different forums. However, there is still one question I can't seem to find the right answer to.


      Where to store LR Catalog/Photos. I have Desktop and Laptop, so far I've been copying all my files from one to another. I travel a lot so I spend a lot of time on my laptop but when I get home I prefer to work on the desktop. I'm struggling to find a way how to get around moving all my files back and forth.


      Having external HDD solved the question of where to store photos, but I don't want to keep my Catalog/LR files there, as I prefer the use of my Desktop/Laptop SSDs.


      Also, is there a way to sync Presets? Another thing I've been doing manually; copying them from Desktop to Laptop and vice versa.


      I appreciate all your help and tips.



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          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

          There is NO Right answer to where "YOU" Store the LR catalog and the actual images files.

          Both can be stored anywhere you like. As for the catalog it has to be stored on a drive that is physically connected to the computer you are running LR on. For the image files they can be stored locally, on a drive physically connect to the computer or on a drive connected to your LAN (Local Area Network).


          I personally don't use my notebook for anything else than to store the images I take when traveling. I do import them into LR on my NB but I don't do any real editing of them on the NB and when I return home I Copy them from the NB to my DT system and then import them into my Main LR Catalog file.


          Others do do editing on travel systems and then Export as a Catalog, including all the image files, and then Import From a Catalog when they get back to their main system.


          The right way is the way it works best for "YOU".

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            Ian Lyons MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            If ruling out placing your catalog of the external disk alongside your photos then consider using Dropbox method described at this linked page Syncing And Backing Up Your Lightroom Catalog With Dropbox


            Regarding syncing presets, this was also possible via Dropbox until Lr7.3 when Adobe changed the location in which presets are stored. Lots of folk still trying establish an alternative but I've not come across any who have succeeded.

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              Spirea Level 1

              Thank you both for the tips. The Dropbox sync might be what I'm looking for (I think I might get it working with OneDrive), I just need to reduce my Catalogue size from 5GBs.