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    Migration to Adobe Stock & Moving credits to another account

    PleaseWorkAdobeActivation Level 1

      Hi everyone


      I really hope someone can help, I think this is going to be a couple of questions only staff can answer


      Question 1

      I have a full CC membership, but no Adobe Stock account (well, no credits etc.).


      My partner doesn't have CC but does have a Fotolia with hundreds of credits on with an active subscription for projects that are virtually finished.


      Is it possible to transfer the credits from her Fotolia account to my CC/Adobe Stock account? That way I've got Adobe Stock embedded with the rest of the CC subscription which I believe is much more convenient.



      Question 2

      She received an email from Fotolia on 11th June asking if her Fotolia account could be migrated to Adobe Stock, despite several emails back to Fotolia she hasn't received any further communication from them so we are in limbo.


      If it's not possible to migrate the account across to my CC account and Fotolia is going to be closed, can she just have the credits refunded to her and I'll start a new Adobe Stock account with my CC subscription?



      Thank you in advance!


      P.S. Ignore the odd username, my forum account was set up when I couldn't get into any application and I can't see a way to change the name to something else!