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    Problems with LR Classic CC 7.4


      Please help! I am in dire need of getting my jobs edited and am having tons of problems with LR.


      I updated to LR Classic 7.4 and have had major issues - images take FOREVER to load, images at first took forever to move to trash . . . I now get the message "The file named "____" could not be moved to the Trash folder . . . When I go in to the Develop Module, the images just say "loading" for over 5 minutes a piece.


      I am on a 2014 MacBook Pro with 1 TB hard drive and High Sierra operating system and have tried:

      1. Taking my hard drive from being 20% empty to being 25% empty.

      2. Restarting my computer in Recovery Mode and running disk utility - no problems reported.

      3. In LR I increased my Camera Raw Cache size to 20.0 GB.

      4. I also optimized my catalog & tested catalog for integrity several times.

      5. I made sure that 1:1 Previews were created for the body of wedding images I am needing to work on.

      6. I made sure the my Previews folder was not overly large in size. ( I have it set to empty every 30 days.)

      7. I uninstalled and reinstalled LR Classic CC.

      8. I restarted LR Classic CC with the keys held down that take you to "Reset Factory Settings" (to reset your Prefs to original).


      I am stuck as to what to possibly try next and I really truly need to get my work done. This has been now 2 fully wasted days of problem shooting.


      Thank you so much for any assistance!