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    Test Movie (Ctrl + Enter) Probelm

      I have run into a very strange bug that is making working with Flash very difficult.

      I use Ctrl + Enter to test my FLAs, and the problem I am having involves particular FLAs not doing anything when I hit Ctrl + Enter. Usually these FLAs will test fine the first one or two times I hit Ctrl + Enter. Every other time, after hitting Ctrl + Enter, the Exporting dialog box will appear with it's progress bar for about a second, then promptly disappear, removing the previous SWF file generated, and not generating a new one. The only way to work around this problem that I have found is to close Flash altogether and reopen it again. Then, the cycle continues...

      Could there be some random setting somewhere in the FLA that could be causing this bug, that I am not aware of?

      I was just wondering if anyone else had encountered this problem and had found out why it was happening, and how to fix it.