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    Not fading


      I'm building a site using Flex 3 which uses a ViewStack component on the main page for which I have configured Hide/Show Effects bound in MXML to 2 Fade components.

      All fonts used throughout the site have been embedded and everything fades in/out correctly except for the 'product page'.

      This Product ViewStack component has a List component which uses an external ItemRenderer to display each product and their details. Within this List ItemRenderer is another HorizontalList which has another external ItemRenderer based on the Box component - the OpaqueBackground property of which is set by the dataProvider. This simply draws a square box for each colour available for that product (no text or other components).

      This colour box list does not fade with the rest of the 'products' component page.

      I've tried setting hide/show effects directly on this component as well as the containing ProductItemRenderer as well as the containing Product component. But still the colour box list does not fade.

      Is this a bug or is there something I'm missing?

      (edit: I forgot to include that I tried setting the backgroundColor property which didn't work - but opaqueBackgroundColor does)