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    Flex 3 missing Coldfusion CRUD

    Vito A
      I just installed Flex 3, and I get RDS working fine. I was going to quickly build an app to test using the Coldfusion CRUD Wizard, but it appears to be non-existent in Flex 3?

      Help! Where did it go? Am I missing something? The only thing I found was a CFC wizard on the the RDS Dataview tab, but I need the entire CRUD application wizard, not just a few CFCs.

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          Vito A Level 1
          This appears to be a bug in the Windows Vista x64 functionality with Flex 3 (even when the program is run as Administrator). I have posted a bug report and the work-around I discovered here at Adobe's Flex Bug and Issue Management System:


          In case the link above becomes invalid, the problem is that NONE of the Wizard Folder expand to show and of the wizards available in the Wizard Selection window when you click to expand any folder and show its contents. The work-around is to type part of the name of the particular wizard you want to run in the search field above the wizard folder listings. This will cause the folder to expand and reveal the wizards matching what the user has typed. In my case I had to install Flex 3 on my Windows XP system to know the names of what I was searching for, and typing "cold" brought up the ColdFusion CRUD wizard below the folder.