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    trycold Level 1

      I am using linkbutton to display links in my pages. Is there a way that I can have something like text-decoration as underline for this so that the user looking at it knows it as a link.

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          You sure can by using properties like the 'rollOverColor', etc. If you're using the Flex Builder IDE, you can click on your link button, then toggle over to the 'category view' button (in design mode by default its on the right-hand side, next to a tab entitled, "Flex Properties" ). Click on Styles to see a list of all available styles.

          Here's an example for what you may be trying to accomplish:

          <mx:LinkButton x="155" y="212" label="Some Link" id="lbLink" rollOverColor="#B81515"/>

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            trycold Level 1

            Thanks for the reply. I am not talking about the rollover . If the linkbutton is displayed on the page then it show look like a link like if you have a link in html page using <a href> so that the user knows that it is a link where he can click before they rollover.

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              ntsiii Level 3
              Text decoration is just another style. Do as Rin suggests, or run the FlexStyleExplorer. I don't have the url handy, but gogle will.

              You have to use CSS styles for some styles, as they are not all implemented as mxml tag properties.

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                Is there any way to turn off the rollover effect for the LinkButton?

                I have a textured background so I cannot just change the rollover color.