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    font resize, scale

      Flex doens't scale text by default.
      What is the best way to make the text look bigger when the textcomponent has more space.

      I did something like this: <mx:Text fontSize="{this.width*this.height/8000}"
      But most of the time the text is too big or too small.

      What is the best way to display text so it's size increases when there is more space
      (LIke the tekst on a powerpoint | OpenOffice | SlideRocket slide, its small in preview and big on fullscreen)

      tnx :)

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          peterent Level 2
          You need to embed a font to make it possible to size, rotate, fade, etc. text.

          @font-face {
          fontFamily: MyArial; /* notice - no " s */
          fontWeight: normal;
          src: local("Arial.ttf"); /* this is the normal Arial font */

          Make sure you set the fontWeight to match the font you are embedding. For example, if I had fontWeight:bold this font would not embed as Arial.ttf is not the bold version of the font.