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    Importing .WebM format files

    peternelson Level 1

      I'm running across increasing numbers of files in .WebM format and I want to be able to import these for use in projects    But as of my latest Premiere Pro update in April it's not listed as a supported format.   So how do I import these?


      N.B. that WebM is a major format developed by a consortium of heavy hitters that includes Google, Netflix, Intel, and Amazon.


      I found a few posts from way back in 2015 on WebM file converters on GitHub but people were complaining about missing libraries and installation problems.   Lots of GitHub software is experimental or student projects or amateur or side projects, and I'd prefer to use something supported and stable, of commercial quality.


      There are also a few services in the cloud that claim to do it but some of my files are quite large so I'd rather do it all on my PC.  There's a website called Fnord that seems to have something but they're mainly a Mac house so I don't know how trustworthy they are for Windows software.   Why doesn't Creative Cloud natively support this?  (any Adobe people reading this?)


      Thanks in advance.