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    Support for non-native left-click pull-down menus?

    Bramblethorne Level 1
      Greetings. I've not been able to find a component for AS3.0 in Flash CS3 that would let me do what I would very much like to do. I don't wish to re-invent the wheel, but I've not seen anywhere that the wheel exists.

      I understand that AIR provides native menus, but I wish to create an app that does not use the system native menus. I have several justifications for this desire, the biggest of which is that I want the menus attached to the app when viewing in MacOS X, and I do not want the standard MacOS X menus. I do want the standard menu to be up there as it is for all applications, but I want my application specific menus connected to the app and NOT cluttered with the Standard menus and items. My app is a tool for developmentally and behaviorally disabled children and it needs to be a) identical on all platforms, b) simple, with only my menu choices, c) customized with some non-menu items.

      My application already has it's own menu bar.

      I've considered subjugating the context menu portions of flash (or trying to) by somehow disabling right-click, enabling left-click, forcing it to open not where the mouse is, but where I tell it to (namely left justified with the button in the menu bar, and immediately beneath it. I'm not even certain if this is possible, and it's a non-starter anyways if the 'settings' menu-item cannot be removed.

      This seems to me to be a pretty common thing that people would desire, and I don't understand it's lack.

      The idea of writing my own classes to duplicate behavior such as easily adding child menus to several depths, separators, animations, keeping track of clicks and mouse-overs and which child-menus are extended... terrifies me a bit, especially as I know my programming would not be as efficient and well-thought out as a system incorporated into the API by the Adobe dev team.

      Thanks for any assistance.