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    Cannot get mag issue to open in flash on my laptop

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      I have both a desktop and a Asus Zenbook Laptop. I run Windows 10 1709 OS build 16299.492. I mostly use Firefox 61.0 (64 bit) but the following problem happens on Chrome and Edge as well so I doubt it is the browser. The version of Flashplayer installed is 30 NPAPI.


      I have spent copious hours trying to solve this with the magazine publisher, the IT person for that company and with the company that set up whatever they do to put the mag online. The magazine is fRoots. The company that puts it online is Yudu. I think both are based in Great Britain. I also spent a goodly amount of time with my son, who works in the computer security field in Australia. He is quite knowledgeable. I am good with computers but not a genius.


      The problem is this. I travel. I want to be able to download the mag onto my laptop so I can read the most resent edition while I am away. I can do this on my desktop but it is too big to carry. When I download the issue onto my desktop a tool bar appears at the top of the page. It has several things you can use to manipulate the mag. The "Options" key on the left of the bar has a drop down menu the allows me to download the issue. The reason to do this is because you can only download the issue 5 times without getting locked out. When I download the mag on my laptop the tool bar does not appear. This is because it downloads in HTML and not Flash. At least this is what I am told.


      Here is the web connection to the first few pages of the mag.   www.frootsmag.com/digital/editions/


      Here is what I have done. I have allowed cookies from 'frootsmag.com' and 'content.yudu.com'. In fact I allow cookies but added these to the allow box anyway. I have the 'always activate' open in Firefox add-ons. I also unticked the box that says 'Block dangerous and intrusive Flash content'. When I was in Aus we sat at my son's desk top, that did load with the tool bar, and matched the settings. The laptop still did not load the tool bar. I have gone to the 'Adobe Flash Player Setting Manager' s ticked the 'always' allow button. Still no toolbar.


      I took my laptop to the IT department of Best Buy and the young lady insisted it is the magazine's problem. She went to a different laptop from Acer and it did not load the tool bar either.


      I can get it to load the the tool bar by using the URL supplied by the fellow at Yudu:  https://content.yudu.com/web/fiqy/0Akmdb/frootsspring2018/flash/index.htm#noRedirect .


      I do not have anyone else to talk to. I sure hope you can help.




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          Robert Mc Dowell Level 3

          I think it would be easier for people here to understand your issue with screenshots at least,

          personally I don't understand anything about what you said and what is really the issue.

          Without any Flash logs, error number and messages and screenshots it's very hard to find any solution.

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            jeromiec83223024 Adobe Employee

            This is either a content issue or a self-inflicted problem.


            You know that the site works correctly when accessing it via the URL at the bottom of your post.  The first link that you provided doesn't work for me at all, so I can't see what's going on there.


            Regardless, it's either something that the content provider would need to fix, or it's something that you're doing -- like running an ad-blocker, anti-tracking plugin, non-default browser settings, etc. that is causing the content to not render properly on your machine.  Since you're seeing it across multiple browsers, I'm more inclined to think it's just a content problem.


            In the unlikely event that the content provider debugs the problem and concludes that there's a language-level issue that we need to address in Flash Player, they'll have a clear and actionable technical analysis that describes the root-cause of the issue.  They're more than welcome to reach out to me directly, via private message (they can just click my username), and I'd be happy to help.