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    Mac to Pc CHAOS!

    cuzimeasy Level 1

      Okay, maybe not "ALL CAPS CHAOS", BUT IT SURE FEELS THAT WAY AT THE MOMENT...Oh...sorry...I'll stop yelling.


      So I have a new PC and have been migrating from my mac. I have followed all the recommended tutorials and have had no joy. There is something they gloss over in the tuts that may be an issue:


      1. When I install Lightroom, the program creates files in the prefs/presets folders, the main Lightroom folder etc. When I migrate mine I am assuming I am supposed to delete those and drop mine in from my Mac...?


      2. The locations for prefs etc, in windows no longer match what is mentioned online.


      I have followed all the tuts and have ended up with a library view full of grey boxes with missing file warnings. All the badges showing crops, Keywords etc are there. No images, no previews. The system does not show the Pictures folder on C drive to point to the lightroom folder.


      Does anybody want to help keep the last few hairs on my head?