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    .epub Element IDs -- is there a way to reference the same IDs in .indd file?

    Premiopolis Level 2

      When an INDD file exports to EPUB, each element receives an element ID.


      Text spans, for instance receive an ID along the lines of id="_idTextSpan[###]"

      <span id="_idTextSpan001" class="CharOverride-1" style="position:absolute;top:-30px;left:978.86px;letter-spacing:0.79px;">Queen</span>


      Images, are contained within a DIV with an ID along the lines of "_idContainer[###]"

      <div id="_idContainer000" class="Basic-Graphics-Frame _idGenObjectStyle-Disabled">
        <img class="_idGenObjectAttribute-1 _idGenObjectAttribute-2" src="image/Bed1131.jpg" alt="" />


      Is there a way to trace the .epub Element IDs back to the original respective object in the .indd file?