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    Desktop wallpaper published to HTML in Flash

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      How do I change the alignment of the published html file on my Desktop when displaying on single monitor?
      I created a 1024 x 768 image in Photoshop; saved it as PNG file and imported it in Flash 8. I added a few buttons to it and published the file in SWF and HTML so that I could use the HTML file as my Desktop background. The published file size is also 1024 x 768. When I apply the HTML file as my desktop background, the image on the desktop is pushed down and right leaving a 1/4" border at the top and left side of the screen, cutting off the bottom and right side of the image. However, when I publish the file in animated GIF or just set the PNG image as my Desktop background, they align correctly on the Desktop. I only experience this issue when publishing to HTML from Flash. When I extend my Desktop to dual monitors, the HTML wallpaper is aligned properly on the left monitor (does not extend to the monitor on the right).