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    adobe stock and fotolia sync issue

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      I created my adobe stock profile while back and uploaded couple of images and they're now approved and published on adobe stock site. Since both will work in sync I wanted to see if my approved and published work shows up on fotolia too. So, yesterday I tried to sign in fotolia with using the same e-mail adress and password as my Adobe Stock but it said "There is no match for this login and password". So I ended up creating another account with using the same e-mail information and a different password. Now I have both accounts(Adobe Stock & Fotolia) with the exact same e-mail but they seems to be not in sync 'cause I can't see any of my works under my fotolia account. When I search one of my works on Adobe Stock by it's name, either while I'm signed in or signed out it shows up. But when I search it on fotolia I get no results unless I search it by the file number that I got from my Adobe Stock account. As you can see I'm having hard time to figure out what I'm doing wrong. There's no way for someone to find and purchase one of my approved works on fotolia 'cause they don't show up as they should. Can you enlighten me on this issue?


      Please and Thank You.

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          hello, send a complaint email to Fotolia explaining your problem

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            MatHayward Adobe Employee

            Fotolia does not accept new contributor accounts. Unless you were a Fotolia contributor before the Adobe Stock Contributor Portal was launched you cannot access the Fotolia interface with your Adobe Stock Contributor account.


            I have deleted the extra Fotolia account you created to minimize confusion. For clarity, that account could only be used for customer purposes to purchase content. Not to sell content.


            All the images you upload via Adobe Stock are automatically put online at Fotolia also when approved. Any sales that originate at Fotolia are automatically paid immediately into your Adobe Stock Account.


            Kind regards,


            Mat Hayward

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