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    XMLSocket not reconnecting

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      Hi, I have an AS3.0 script that uses an XMLSocket to establish a connection.

      Everything is fine except that XMLSocket.connect() won't reconnect to
      the host. Not after it fails at least once.

      Once I call XMLSocket.connect() on a host/port pair, if the call fails
      (there's no way to check that but after 10 seconds, say, I assume it
      fails) then I can never connect to the same host/port pair ever again.

      Not if I call close() (which will throw an error unless you call
      connect() successfully again), not if I drop the event handlers and
      recreate the socket, not ever. connect() will do nothing if called with
      that same host/port pair.

      It's as if Flash has a host/port/status table where it marks a host as
      'down' after 3 connection attempts (connect() sends 3 SYN packets).

      The only solution I've found so far is to reload the .swf, which is

      Any ideas?