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    exe file not working with forced download script.

      I have a captivate file that I exported as an exe file for pc. It works fine when I download it from the server using the direct URL to the file but I don;t want people to actually see where it is located so I have a used a force-download php script. When I download it by way of the script... it downloads, but the file won't play. All I get is a DOS window pop up and then goes away. Same file...any ideas?

      The php file I'm using to force the download is below...


      $filename = $_GET['file'];

      // required for IE, otherwise Content-disposition is ignored
      ini_set('zlib.output_compression', 'Off');

      // addition by Jorg Weske
      $file_extension = strtolower(substr(strrchr($filename,"."),1));

      if( $filename == "" )
      echo "<html><title>Download Error</title><body>ERROR: download file NOT SPECIFIED. USE force-download.php?file=filepath</body></html>";
      } elseif ( ! file_exists( $filename ) )
      echo "<html><title>Download Error</title><body>ERROR: File not found. USE force-download.php?file=filepath</body></html>";
      switch( $file_extension )
      case "pdf": $ctype="application/pdf"; break;
      case "exe": $ctype="application/octet-stream"; break;
      case "zip": $ctype="application/x-compressed"; break;
      case "swf": $ctype="application/x-shockwave-flash"; break;
      case "doc": $ctype="application/msword"; break;
      case "xls": $ctype="application/vnd.ms-excel"; break;
      case "ppt": $ctype="application/vnd.ms-powerpoint"; break;
      case "gif": $ctype="image/gif"; break;
      case "png": $ctype="image/png"; break;
      case "jpeg":
      case "jpg": $ctype="image/jpg"; break;
      default: $ctype="application/force-download";
      header("Pragma: public"); // required
      header("Expires: 0");
      header("Cache-Control: must-revalidate, post-check=0, pre-check=0");
      header("Cache-Control: private",false); // required for certain browsers
      header("Content-Type: $ctype");
      // change, added quotes to allow spaces in filenames, by Rajkumar Singh
      header("Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=\"".basename($filename)."\";" );
      header("Content-Transfer-Encoding: binary");
      header("Content-Length: ".filesize($filename));