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    AS2 xml photo gallery

    mikey_ray Level 1
      I'm fairly new to flash, and after reading a few online tutorials on trying to make xml photo galleries (specifically the one here: http://www.tutorio.com/tutorial/simple-flash-xml-photogallery) I'm trying to figure things out.

      I want to make something similar, but have the photos line up in columns (not rows), and once there are a certain number of photos in a column (in this case, 6) have them load into another column.

      I have been trying to mess around with the AS given in the tutorial as well as what I've been reading on the net, and here is what I have so far:


      I'm loading the images and thumbs through the images.xml file. On my stage I only have 2 movie clips (loader & thumbnails) and a dynamic text field (title_txt). Any thoughts??? I really am new to this, but I'm trying hard to figure it out - I'm at the point now where I need help.


      Mike (mray@uvic.ca)