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    Dynamic Link error between Premiere and Audition still not working in 2018?


      I have scoured the internet and this support site to find this error popping up since 2016. Today in 3 July 2018 and this fundamental workflow issue has still not been resolved.


      Please do not tell me to uninstall and reinstall my apps - that is not a solution. You update these apps very so  often, I think its time you include this FIX with the next update.


      It is beyond inconvenient. What makes your products so incredible is that they are are a creative ecosystem where we can create anything by using each product together. But when stuff like this happens it is utterly disappointing and time consuming as I now need to find a hacked solution for a program that that problem is not made for.


      I would like an answer as to when you will fix this issue permanently.

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          R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          This forum is primarily user-to-user with some assistance and oversight by product support staff. NOT an official means to communicate to the program team ... for that, use the UserVoice feedback system, which is fairly new and a HUGE improvement from their old bug report system.




          Past that, most of us fellow users aren't having any issues with the dynamic link between PrPro and Audition. I use it nearly daily. So when there's an issue, it is normally something fouled up on the user's machine. And sometimes, kind of tricky to figure out. But almost always quite solvable.


          So ... let's work at fixing your rig, now. How about CPU/OS/RAM/GPU, and the number-dot-number version info on both PrPro and Audition on your machine from the Help/About menus.