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    HowTo.pdf cannot be added as baggage file

    Simon Holt
      Greetings (I know this looks like my first post but I was pretty active under another identity a couple of years ago).

      I have RoboHelp HTML Help 6. I can happily add baggage files (either directly from the Baggage Files folder in the Project tree, or by adding a hyperlink in a topic) - UNLESS the filename is HowTo.pdf. There isn't a problem with the file - if I copy it and give it a different name, it gets added to Baggage Files. There isn't a problem with the project either - I have the same problem with a brand new project.

      Despite the file not being listed under Baggage Files, the resulting help file incorporates the required file. But the file is included in the Unused Files report, and excluded from the Used Files report.

      Is this a 'reserved' filename that isn't supposed to be used? Or is there another explanation?