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    Lightroom Vorgabe - Gruppe erstellen


      Ich möchte in Lightroom in den Vorgaben eine neue Gruppe erstellen.

      Normalerweise habe ich das mit Rechtsklick in den Vorgaben-Bereich getan.

      Wenn ich das allerdings jetzt am neuen Rechner mache, steht da nur "Ausgeblendete Vorgaben zurück setzen"

      Was kann ich tun?

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          Sahil.Chawla Adobe Employee

          Hi Shmunzlerin,


          I'm not sure if I understand the issue correctly, could you please explain the issue a bit more? and share your complete work flow, as we need some more information to help you our further.



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            johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

            Google translation: Lightroom Default - Create Group. I want to create a new group in Lightroom in Preferences. Normally I have done this with right-click in the preferences area. However, if I do that now on the new computer, there is only "reset hidden preferences" What can I do?

            LR 7.3 makes this harder and obscure -- you need to create a dummy preset:


            1. In the Presets panel, click + and then Create Preset.


            2. In the Create Preset window, click User Presets

            3. Select New Group and enter the name of your group:

            4. Click Create to create the preset.


            5. Drag one or more presets into the new group.  Only then can you delete the dummy preset -- otherwise the group will disappear when it contains no presets!

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