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    Using ANEs with Adobe AIR

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      I hope that it's okay to post this meeting here, as I didn't see how to post on the Adobe Calendar of Events.


      This meeting will be taking place in Honolulu at 7:00 pm Hawaiian time on Friday July, 6th.


      Please click here to convert the time to your location: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/meeting.html


      Come celbrate the our first summer meeting with us!


      The first summer meeting of "the Adobe AIR Developers Group" will serve as an introduction to the group, as well as a forum discussing "Using ANEs with Adobe AIR".

      Come to join us either here in Hawaii, or on-line for our first summer meeting. Follow us on twitter at @air_devs for the URL


      We will discuss:

      - checking the needs for low level functions

      - weigh the pros and cons of AIR vs Native development

      - check the existence of an available ANEs for these needs

      - create your own ANEs

      - to share ANEs creations (in a paying way or open source)

      - bring creators together in a centralized distribution platform


      About the speaker Fabrice Montfort:

      After playing with my uncle's VIC-20 for a few years. I started at 8 years old to look back at the programs and the very first games (with "TILT" and "Electronique Pratique" magazines). I'v got my first personal computer at age of 11 (a beautiful TO8D). I discovered at this period BASIC 1.0


      A few years later, I've got my first PC (Sinclair PC-200) and became interested in packet radio and BBS. I then designed some programs with my geeks friends assembler, Turbo Basic and Turbo Pascal. Later I played with an Atari ST and an Amiga.


      I decided to leave the school circuit very early to go to work and rub the real code. I was just 18 when I started working to buy more powerful machines 286, 386, 486 (DX wooohooo), Pentium a mac book and so on...


      I have always coded for others, in several companies, in the public service, in freelance... That's a passion and my work for many years.


      I'm now 44, and like old persons, I want to have a little more fun.


      Passionate about music (listening and composition), philosophy, theology, psychology and so many other things, I am naturaly curious.


      My new passions are AI and robotics. Let's have fun.