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    Making movement and replacing layers (illustrator to character animator)


      I created a character on illustrator, very detailed, my problem is that nothing is even moving, or moving correctly, or placed in the same spot as the source image, or in the right layer. It seems as if it wants me to modify the existing layers rather than let me create my own layers. I would rather not make the mouth from scratch 10 times. Photoshop doesn't work for me since it wants to blur my character and turn everything green. So far I've even tried remaking the character piece by piece and assigning parts. That didn't work either...I then tried using just the mesh, but it won't let me edit besides say here is where this and that is. The tutorials do not seem to cover this nor do YouTube help videos. How do I place a character and overwrite the images they use on illustrator?

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          You definitely have to follow the layer heirachy that character animator expects. Within those layers you can do what you like, but character animator needs to know how to manipulate the puppet. It knows how to do this based on the hierarchy.


          So mouth ffor example must have a sub layer named after the mouth position. You cannot share anything between these layers. Character animator works by showing one of the children and hiding the others. (Profiles are the sane.)


          if you do profiles, yes - you have to duplicate a fair bit. its just the way it works.


          once You get the hang of it it’s not that bad. But the challenge is to work out how to fit what you want to do within what is available


          the mesh view is useful for debugging - it is not another editing mode.