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    Analytics segment used in target activity is not working

    ambikat677427 Level 1

      Hi Team,


      I am using an analytics segment in a target activity. I understand there is a latency of around 24-48 hours but I am not able to qualify even after 48 hours (I did not clear cache and cookies of the browser)


      The segment is built using below analytics parameters:


      Departure Date (05072018)

      Flight Booking

      Anonymous and LoggedIn


      So this segment will include all those visitors  (anonymous and loggedIn) who have an active booking of July 5th.

      This segment we want to use in target activity and the target activity is defined on homepage.

      On homepage , departure date and flight Booking don't fire in analytics call however mcvid and anonymous/Loggedin are fired.

      As per my understanding, user should meet each and every condition of a native target audience inorder to qualify for the target actvity.

      Please advise if this understanding still holds true for analytics segment.


      Thank you.

      Regards, Ambika