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    Disappeared toolbar text and dialog boxes text and crashing preferences




      I have this problem only on my desktop where texts from my dialog box and toolbar are missing. When i tried to troubleshoot by opening the preference option under edit my adobe also crashes without any error message. Below are 2 images that shows this bug. I tried downloading the cleaner which removes all related adobe files as well as downloading a new adobe reader program from the official website but this problem still persist. Therefore, i hope to find a solution to this problem as i do need this urgently to study for my upcoming test and exams. Hope anyone have a workable solution for this problem.




      P.S : I have tried the following solution that is already in the forum but however the problem is still not solved.


      1. I tried downloading the cleaner, run it and when it's cleaning the reader half way, the cleaner just hangs and refuses to complete the task even though the reader is actually deleted so i assumed they did not fully clean out the registry that contains the adobe reader.


      2. I tried checking for update and i am already using the latest adobe reader DC.


      3. I tried repairing the problem via control panel and the app itself.


      4. I tried changing the compatibility of the problem to windows 7/8.


      5. I tried running as administrator.


      adobe bug 1.PNGadobe bug 2.PNG