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    Blinking only works in certain profiles

    robinh49469832 Level 1

      I'm getting kinda frustrated with my puppet. I want her to blink and move her eyebrows while walking, but I can't seem to make it work. Is it even possible? I tried to copy from "Maddy" the photographed puppet of an older tutorial, but she doesn't blink either.


      There's "Walk" on McGirlface (see below), "Eye Gaze" on each of the three profiles and "Headturn" on each Head-Group. Only the "Default"-Profile works, because I didn't set any direction for it. In the other Profiles she only blinks, when the head is turned into the "Left" position. If I put "Left Quarter" above "Left" it only works in "Left Quarter", so it only works on the top Headgroup. What can I do now to make her blink and move her eyebrows regardless of the head position?