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    PE18 Elements Organizer 18 "Copy Files on Import" grayed out when using USB Stick

    philip@bragle.com.au Level 1

      I am trying to copy photos from an older computer to a new laptop using PE18.  I have copied all the photos on to a memory stick but importing using "From Files and Folders" only creates a link and does not transfer the photos to the date folders.

      "The Copy Files on Import" is greyed out.  It seems to me this is the time you would use that feature.

      Does anyone have a solution?

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          MichelBParis Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You must use the option to 'Import from camera or card reader'. That option means that you are dealing with removable media like CD, DVD, camera or card reader, and you want to download (copy) the files to the computer. If you use the option 'From files and folders', you imply that the photo files are already on your computer and you simply want to index the files in the catalog. That's when you are importing from an internal or external USB drive. You are supposed to have the media connected when you start the organizer.

          USB sticks can be used both ways.

          If you use the 'from files and folders' option, you have to copy the files manually before importing.

          One advantage of the 'from camera or card reader' option is that it not only copies the files, but lets you use the downloader options to import in your prefered folder structure (by dates for instance). For instance, if you copy a batch of files from various sources to that stick, when you import them, they can be imported in your date folder structure.