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    Help!  External drive import.  newbie

    Kelly san



      Geez, I'm so confused.  So I followed a YouTube video on how to drag and drop your internal drive photos into a folder you create on an external drive.  I did what they said and transferred over 1000+ photos to obviously create space on my mac drive.  So, now I can see the photos in their new home on the external drive BUT here's what I don't understand.  1)  I don't know how to take those photos into the Develop stage.  It's asking to import them.  What?  Why would I want to do that.  When I dragged and dropped them into my external drive, didn't the .xmp files get moved too?  And if they didn't where are they?  And why is LR asking me to import the photos?  Ugh....


      In order to work on the photos I moved to my external, it is asking me to import them.


      I need help, clearly!

      Thanks in advance.