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    PP and the Behringer X-touch Universal Control Surface

    BrianSiano2 Level 1

      I _finally_ found a way to make this device work with Premiere Pro as of July 4, 2018.



      Turn on the Behringer while holding down the "Select" button above the first fader. In the LED screens, you can set the thing to boot as a Mackie or HUI interface, and whether it'll connect with USB or MIDI.


      In PP:
      Go to Edit/Preferences/Control Surface.
      Add a Mackie device. Inputs and outputs should be set to X-touch.


      To use the control surface to mix sound-- this was the hard part to figure out:
      On the Behringer, make sure that the button "Global View" is lit.

      Press the Play button to start the video playback.

      When you want to start recording the levels, press the Record button.

      Move the faders up and down to adjust the volume setting on each track/clip.

      When you stop the playback, you will see that the Volume effects now have lots of timeframes indicating the levels you'd selected.

      The Panner knobs at the top of each fader bank work the same way.