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    Flash Object embeded in Transparent Window Problem

      I am running into a strange problem. I have an air app running and I'm trying to launch second window with a youtube flash video in it.

      The second window is has the options transparent and when it's true the flash vid is invisible. When it's false I can see the flash video.

      Here is the code I use to launch the video window.

      var init = new air.NativeWindowInitOptions();
      var bounds = null;
      var win = null;
      var login = air.File.applicationDirectory.resolvePath( 'video.html' );

      bounds = new air.Rectangle( ( air.Capabilities.screenResolutionX - 325 ) / 2, ( air.Capabilities.screenResolutionY - 145 ) / 2, 300, 290 );
      init.systemChrome = air.NativeWindowSystemChrome.NONE;
      init.type = air.NativeWindowType.UTILITY;
      init.transparent = true;
      init.minimizable = false;
      init.maximizable = true;
      init.resizable = true;

      win = air.HTMLLoader.createRootWindow( true, init, false, bounds );
      win.load( new air.URLRequest( login.url + "?vurl=" + url ) );

      it doesn't matter if I'm embeding the code dynamically or just having the object on the page when it loads. the flash is invisible.

      any ideas?