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      im still at school and iv got to create a website - i have made a flash vid to add onto my site and are now tryin to add buttons onto it and add the destination paths for them (what website the button will lead to when clicked on). i cant get the destination right because when i add the url (for example mine would be; " C:\Documents and Settings\Sadie\Desktop\New website\Pages\Our bands.html " ) and press ctrl + enter to start the video, when i clik on the button it doesnt work - any suggestions? no i havnt published the website as it is only a school project and i dont fancy paying to publish it if its only going to be marked once by an examiner

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          if you're trying to open a local file via flash you either have an incorrect path or a security violation. if it's the former, you'll see an error message in the in flash test environment. if it's the later, you can remedy by publishing your html with a new name and opening it in your browser. flash will give you the option to ok this security violation, if you want.