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    Help transitioning between movies

    MM53 Level 1
      Hi ,
      I am hoping some one can help me with this issue. I have tried a number of different options without any luck.
      I have created 10 related movies (some of them are quizzes and include questions) using Captivate and have published them as executable files that will be burned on a CD. The CD starts with an introduction describing the navigation techniques, etc. One of the movies is a menu. Each of the other movies include a menu button which opens the menu movie where they can select one of the other movies.
      The issue I am having is when the user clicks a menu option depending on the size of the movie opening, there is a delay and the user's desktop displays on the screen for a short period of time.
      Does anyone have any ideas on how the movies can open without displaying the desktop?
      Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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          The delay may be an issue of one .EXE calling another .EXE from the CD. I've got several ideas - but am having trouble getting it to accept them in a single post... here they come.

          Idea 1: Copy the files to a folder on the computer so they don't have to run from the CD.
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            three_penguins Level 1
            Idea 2: Copy the slides from the 10 related movies all into a single comprehensive one that includes everything. Then your "menu" slide would just jump to the appropriate frame.
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              three_penguins Level 1
              Idea 3: Another thought might be to publish the movies as .htm & .swf files. This assumes the person running the CD on has a default browser with Flash (95% or more of people do). I suspect there would be less lag time in launching the separate movies this way.
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                MM53 Level 1
                Thank you for your suggestions.
                However, this project must be on a CD (user requirement).
                I have tried to put all the movies together, but I am not having any luck with importing the quiz slides.
                Also, I believe when I enter different quizzes into the same movie, it will treat it like one quiz.
                In this case, each quiz is separate.
                Any other suggestions would be gratefully appreciated!
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                  MM53 - Do the individual files have to be executables, or just the launch window? Unless you have some reason that you *have* to put the individual files as .exe's (and I'd be curious to know what that is), you could easily burn the files to a CD as .html and .swf files as three_penguins suggests. The launch window would be .exe, but could be configured to call up the .html files that contain the .swf files.

                  Another option is to use Adobe Presenter (or Articulate Presenter). This tool lets you easily combine a number of .swf files into a nicely wrapped presentation, single launch file, and users can easily browse between them. If you did this, I would recommend keeping quizzes as separate objects on your launch page, as I've had some quirky things happen with interactive objects.

                  To see what it might look like, you can look at some free online training my company has out there (for the moment anyway) using this basic model:


                  Good luck!
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                    MM53 Level 1
                    Thanks for your response and suggestions. At this point, I must finish this project in Captivate.
                    Based on your suggestion, I tried the following:
                    The first movie is an introduction which I created as an executable file with the autorun option selected.
                    The last slide in this movie is a menu to the other movies.
                    There is also a separate menu movie which is accessed through a button on each slide.
                    I republished the other movies with the SWF option and checked off the export HTML option and then copied these with the Intro executable file and the autorun.inf file to a CD.
                    When I tried running, there is still a pause between movies when the user's desktop displays.
                    Is there anything else I am missing?

                    Thanks in advance for any help!
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                      jojolina Level 1
                      Hi All

                      Have you tried using a Menubuilder Project to drive the rest of your outputs???