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    a low-level exception occurred in: ImporterMPEG (Importer:39)


      I'm having an issue with Premiere


      Heres the rundown:


      The files I'm trying to load are close to 25gb, in the MP4 format.

      They last over 6 hours long, sometimes up to 15 hours. (They are Twitch Stream VODS)

      Upon trying to import these files, Premiere will throw a fit ( a low-level exception occurred in: ImporterMPEG (Importer:39) )

      and only load the audio of the same file. These files also do not load in Media Browser.


      It's not like the files are corrupt, just very large. They load fine with no error in programs such as Sony Vegas, only in premiere is this a problem.

      How can I fix this?


      (I have 13gb RAM allocated to Premiere & the disk cache location is set to a 1tb harddrive)