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    How to reposition motion effects


      I keyframed an image moving across a page and now I want to duplicate the image and shift it over slightly. The only problem is that I dont know how to move it over without re-keying all the movement to start and stop in the new location. I essentially just want to shift the original animation exactly as it is over to a new position. I tried using the Transform Effect but it doesn't seem to move the anchor point with the transformation because with my movement I also have a keyframed 0 to 100% size increase and I can see that the origin point is off to the side of my image but the movement is correct. Thank you for the help in advance, additionally if you know of any videos or tutorials about how some of the different effects can be used, I think that would be helpful for me to get more insight

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          Meg The Dog Adobe Community Professional

          Duplicate the clip with your motion animation. On the duplicate clip, adjust the anchor point

          Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 7.58.16 AM.png


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            nilst80551476 Level 1

            The problem is when you do that, you can change image's position while maintaining its movement but the anchor point remains the same (compared to other images). So when I run through my 0 to 100% scale it still originates from the original anchor point which is now off to the side and not centered on my image

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              Warren Heaton Adobe Community Professional

              This might get you what you're looking for:  In the Timeline, right-click the Clip and choose "Nest...".


              When prompted to enter a name of the nested Sequence, use the same name as the clip along with something like "Repo" (short for reposition").


              Then set nudge the nested Sequence to the desired position.


              If that doesn't have the desire result, you'll have to advance through the animation keyframe by keyframe.


              If this was After Effects, you'd be able to put the playhead at any one of the position keyframes, select all the position keyframes, and then click and drag them to the new location.  Unfortunately, that doesn't work in PR.