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    HTML Dynamic Text Boxs

      I'm having a small problem in my dynamic text box. For some reason numbers are not being displayed correctly. I am working with the Render Text as HTML box checked and am trying to get this result :

      01/15/09: No Meeting
      01/15/09: Camping Trip

      simple enough, however this is what i am ending up with:

      1/1/: No Meeting
      1/1/: Camping Trip

      Here is the code i am using which returns the above result:
      main_info.htmlText ="<p>01/15/09: No Meeting</p>01/15/09: Camping Trip";

      For whatever reason its not liking my numbers, is there something that i am supposed to put in front of a set of numbers so it displays it without thinking it is html code ?

      Thanks for any help you can offer.