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    Track Item Behaviors revert back to default after refresh


      When I enter a different value (say 20%) for Camera Strength under Eye Gaze for the Item Behaviors, after I refresh or make a little change, it reverts back to 100%


      This also happens for Head Position Strength and Head Scale Strength (that I'm aware of)


      What's going on here and how do I keep the values that I enter from changing back to default every time I refresh?

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          alank99101739 Level 4

          I am guessing you had the red dot in to record values. If you turn off the red dot, you change the default for the puppet in the scene. If the red dot is on, then the value you set is getting ready for you to start recording. If you change anything instead of starting recording, CH resets the values to the default.  I think that is what you are seeing.

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            SharonfromMD Level 2



            It's really annoying. I wish the default was what you just recorded. But as Alank says, it only goes back to the recording if you turn off the red dots-meaning you have to turn all of them off.


            ALSO-Because of this feature(the defaults come back on) I make sure I disarm all the ones I'm not planning on recording. I think it's better to simply record what you are actually using. For me that's one or two things at a time. Then afterward, turn off all your red dots. I'm also suspecting you could simply disarm the actual character in the time line and it would do the same thing for everything. However, when you're recording, you generally want the record button for the character armed, so you can continue your recordings.