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    Lightroom CC Classic High CPU Usage and Pauses / Hangs


      I'm having an issue with Lightroom CC Classic, where when browsing RAW files from my Canon 5D Mark III after thumbing through about twenty or so files the fans start to power up, CPU usage goes through the roof and then I start getting a beachball hang for about 10-15 seconds at a time.


      I'm running a 2017 iMac 5k, i7, 32G RAM, 8G Video card, 2TB SSD Fusion.


      My old system was a 2012 iMac 27" w/ i7,. 24G RAM and 1TB Fusion. Same camera, same files, never had an issue. Was always lightening fast, so you could imagine my dismay when my 5 year newer iMac runs at a quarter of the speed.


      I have nothing installed on this new iMac other than Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Office.


      I disabled face recognition, and paused sync. I've also tried running the "optimize catalog" to no avail. Seems no matter what every 20 pictures or so I wait with a beachball to see the next 20 thumbnails. I've set the thumbnail resolution to lowest possible setting (something I never modified on old 2012 computer).


      If I don't do anything, CPU usage drops to nothing... I only mention this because I saw other threads where simply having Lightroom open was pegging CPU usage. It's only as I start to flip through pictures. My workflow usually involves rating each photo very quickly, then later I go back and edit those I rated a 5.


      Any suggestions? This is killing me!






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