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    External hard drive crashed

    johnj84 Level 1

      I am a user of Lightroom Classic CC that I use on my Mac. The workflow I use to organise and edit my photos is -  I keep all my photos on an external Hard Drive and import photos into Lightroom from this HDD. I edit the photos using the Lightroom Classic CC app on my Mac and later the photos get synced to the Lightroom app on my phone. I keep the Lightroom catalog on my Mac.


      Recently, this HDD crashed and now I am not able to read it. Fortunately, I have a back up of all the original photos. But Lightroom is looking for the files that are there in the crashed HDD. Is there an easy way to associate the backed up copies of my photos to Lightroom? Or have I lost all the edits because of this mishap? The later would mean cleaning up Lightroom and starting off with a new catalog?


      Also can anyone suggest the best practice workflow that minimises the impact of such situations?