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    Premiere Pro CC 2018: Audio/Video out of sync when browsing through timeline

    Rising Storm Level 1

      Hello everyone,


      being new to Premiere I apologize if this is an easy fix or answered elsewhere, but more than an hours search still left me without a proper fix.


      When I import a video to a project I can preview it without problems. Both Audio and Video are in sync. This gets messed up as soon as I try to go back/forth in the video but only due to certain procedures. Stopping the video or changing the current timestamp via the buttons in the program editor is fine. But dragging the current editing point on the timeline breaks it. The video will be out of sync, sometimes way too fast and even deleting and re-importing will not fix it anymore. If I happen to hover over the video after import and "browse" through the video timeline there, it will be out of sync before even played once.


      Obviously I need to be able to go back and forth in order to edit properly. Does anyone have some advice here? It would be a lifesaver for me as currently I cannot edit anything at all.