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    RH won't seem to forget where conditional tags USED to be


      I searched recent topics but couldn't find anyone with this problem.

      While perfoming layout on a topic (in an external editor, I never use RH's internal editor), I added some conditional tags to a table element, eg:
      <span style="x-condition: product1">some text</span>
      <span style="x-conditional: product2">some other text</span>
      Using the conditional tag this way in a table seem to confuse RH and offset the table elements, so I removed them.
      This isn't my problem, however.

      After removing the conditionals, the topic now looks as it did before adding the conditionals, and the table is formatted correctly when the topic is viewed from within robohelp from the "Preview Topic" menu.
      But, when the project is compiled, the table still looks as it did when the conditionals were still there.
      It seems like RH still thinks those conditional tags are there when the project is compiled, although they are certainly removed.
      Does RH store conditional tag information in a another file, and if so, can I delete this file so it get's regenerated correctly withthe current state of the files?