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    Acrobat DC "There was an error while reading this Stream"

    EdwardB-CCSD Level 1

      Windows 10 enterprise machine, i7 7th Gen, 16GB RAM, dual nVidia Quadros (12GB each).  All drivers up to date.

      Acrobat DC via CC subscription, v 2018.011.20040


      Has no problems opening/printing files, but if a file is opened for any length of time (no specific length of time) it will yield a "There was an error while reading this Stream" and portions of the open PDF will go blank. 


      It appears to only happen to files opened across the network, I had to identical files (but different file names) opened, one network and one off my desktop... the network share file is the one that errored.  We have had our IT look into it and they are not finding anything network/file server related to be causing it.  We did not have this problem prior to having to upgrade to DC.