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    See Unique Variables where CTR = 0

    cgarzi Level 1

      I have a variable dimension that shows all the search terms used on my intranet. I also have a calculated metric that shows clicks on search results divided by searches for that term (CTR).


      I'd like to be able to see all search terms that have an absolute CTR of 0 in my workspace. Whenever I use the If/Then or Equals calculated metrics, though, it shows me any query that got 0 clicks at least once. So for example, if there are 1,000 instances of searches for Google, but in only 999 of those instances did the user click on search results, it will still show me the search term of Google in my workspace because of the one time there wasn't a click for that instance of the query. Meanwhile, I'm trying to see all search terms that resulted in absolutely no clicks (as an example, 1,000 instances of searches for ABC and in 0 of those instances were there any clicks).


      Does anyone have any ideas? Appreciate the help!