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    30.25 FPS

    Alberto15Romero Level 1

      I just got a new phone and strangly enough it records video at 1080p @ 30.25 fps, when I import this to Premiere @ 30fps, every second, 0.25 frames are lost, thus every 4 seconds I loose a frame which leads to audio and video sychcronization. Does anyone know what to do?


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          R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          A frame-rate like that actually most likely indicates that it is using VFR (variable frame-rate) recording, as do most phones. So the frame-rate varies per second throughout clips. The 'average' rate will be reported as the clip's frame-rate by PrPro.


          And ... you can't lose a quarter of a frame. It will either re-rate the speed slightly or occasionally dump a frame.



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            Alberto15Romero Level 1

            Oh, I see, it is quite complicated but how can I avoid the non sychronization then?

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              Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              You cannot.

              That is how your phone operates.

              Or get a regular videocamera.

              Run the file through Handbrake and set it to constant framerate if you have audio issues on the timeline.

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                Alberto15Romero Level 1

                Managed to fix it, thanks!!

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                  Alberto15Romero Level 1

                  Thanks, it is a bit of a pain in the back to have to put the video through that everytime, especially if it is a long video, but at least it works

                  Thanks again!!

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                    R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    The latest 2018 PrPro can work fairly well with most VFR media, but not perfectly with all phones/devices that produce it. So, when that strikes, it's still best to do as Ann suggests and use Handbrake to convert. You can batch-convert in Handbrake and say do it over-night so you don't waste time sitting there while it's converting.


                    I'll include my personal settings for Handbrake such that you both get it converted and keep the best file-integrity at the other end.


                    Note that I've red-ticks by both the radio-box Constant Framerate button and a specific number in the FPS box ... you have to have both a number and the box. The box checked and 'auto' or anything other than a number, you'll still get the original VFR out.


                    Also, I go with at least the 4.2 on Encoder Level, though I've played with going to 5 on occasion. But this will result in files with nearly the same or slightly higher bit-rates than the original, avoiding re-compressing at a higher rate.




                    Handbrake Settings.PNG

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                      juanmario Level 4

                      With version 12.1.1 you should not have problems with those files.