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    Editing the mms.cfg file

    zpoison Level 1

      Since the new release, I've been having only problems, it's always laggy every 20 seconds the CPU peak at 100% on certain website

      I contacted them , ineffective.


      I have read that I can edit the mms.cfg file


      I have search in the dobe PDF guide..... 93 results for the term mms.cfg....


      Can someone simply tell me how do I edit this file to be able to get the website working again as it was on flash 29


      ....it should be done by default....but well I guess I have to do it myself


      Please help

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          maria__ Adobe Employee
          1. Open the mms.cfg file in a text editor - note, requries Admin permissions due to its location, you can drag/drop the file onto the desktop to make changes
            • 32-bit OS: C:\Windows\Systemew\Macromed\Flash\mms.cfg
            • 64-bit OS: C:\Windows\SysWOW64\Macromed\Flash\mms.cfg
          2. Add the entry you need
          3. Save the mms.cfg file
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            zpoison Level 1



            I cannot see the mms file

            what do I do wrong? plz


            My problem is in Chrome

            Flash cause freeze on live broadcasts every 20 seconds, I need to cancel this new thing that came with the new update in security, that cause this lagging.


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              maria__ Adobe Employee

              It's odd that you do not have an mms.cfg file as it should have been automatically created when Flash Player is installed.  However, you can create it manually, using a text editor and saving the file in ANSI or UTF8 format

              Due to security sandboxing in Chrome, Chrome uses an mms.cfg file saved at a different location:

              %USERNAME%/AppData/Local/Google/Chrome/User Data/Default/Pepper Data/Shockwave Flash/System


              The System directory and/or file may not exist in this location for Chrome.  If not, create the System directory and file manually.  Use a Text Editor and saving the file in ANSI or UTF8 format.


              Regarding your question, in a different discussion topic, about downgrading Flash Player - Google embeds Flash Player in Chrome and always loads the most recent version of Flash Player.  Thus, you installed Flash Player 29, Chrome will load the most recent version on the system.  However, by editing the mms.cfg file accordingly, there is no need to downgrade Flash to a less secure version.


              Please post future comments on this issue here.  Do not start a new discussion topic which will create duplicate work and confusion.



              This is a work-around that isn't really recommended as it disables the security measures implemented.  Ideally, the content provider fixes their content to work-around this change.




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                maria__ Adobe Employee

                Also, Flash Player is extremely old (released April 7, 2016) and missing many security fixes.  It's recommended you upgrade to the most recent version or uninstall it if you do not use Flash Player in IE.  To uninstall, use the standalone uninstaller posted at Uninstall Flash Player for Windows

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                  jeromiec83223024 Adobe Employee

                  There's not a magic "make flash player use less CPU" flag that you can set in mms.cfg.  That's probably not the path to pursue.


                  I'd recommend having a discussion with us about the actual problem that you're experiencing, with actionable details:



                  Generally, when you're seeing high CPU utilization during video playback, it's because video decoding can't be offloaded to the GPU.  That can happen for a number of reasons, including:

                  • The video isn't encoded in a format supported by hardware accelerated
                  • The browser (or Flash Player) has blacklisted your GPU or driver because it crashes a lot.
                  • The GPU is already in-use in another application, or the available GPU RAM is exhausted


                  You'd probably be better served by starting with the video troubleshooting guide, here:



                  If you're still stuck, please follow the directions in the guide on providing the dxdiag report and additional information about what you tested and saw.  A link to a video that demonstrates the problem would also be useful.



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                    zpoison Level 1


                    I have reported the bug  : FP-4198873


                    • About the encoding format supported by hardware acceleration  ////  It was working very well, no problem until a coupe of weeks ( I updated chrome and my guess is Flash has been updated with it and this problem started right after that, it was day and night)


                    • I doubt the browser has blacklisted my GPU because it almost never crash, I only have this weird freezing problem since a couple of weeks


                    • The GPU is probably not already in use in another application because everything is closed when this problem occur or also when  testing and this problem is still occurring, same exact problem 100% of the time



                    I also removed and reinstalled flash

                    and also reinstalled (fresh install) my GPU drivers




                    The link where my bug happens is there:


                    And select any broadcaster from the list , usually on the left of the screen

                    Wait less than 40 seconds and it will start freezing, for 10 seconds approx, it happens every other 20 seconds

                    All the time, not a single time it has not happened, and the pattern is the same ---> 20 seconds good and 10 seconds freeze


                    Please help, thanks

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                      jeromiec83223024 Adobe Employee

                      I don't think there's anything that you can do about this from your end.  I'd recommend contacting the content provider. 


                      Video streaming is hard, and there are a lot of variables.  Youtube has a good overview of it, here: Google Video Quality Report


                      Flash Player also isn't a video player.  It's a language runtime.  You can *write* a video player in ActionScript, which will run on clients using Flash Player.  Since content providers are free to develop their own video player, that leaves room for engineers to shoot themselves in the foot.  They'll know their video player code well.  I can imagine a couple scenarios where not-so-great coding practices might be impacted by new security-related changes, but we wouldn't roll those back.  We *do* provide profiling tools for developers that allow them to identify and resolve issues with slow code, and if they're running afoul of one of those scenarios, it should be plain from looking at the profiler.


                      The content provider is in the best position to troubleshoot the issue.  In the event that they've identified a problem specifically with Flash Player, they know their video player code, and will be able to convey the technical details about their stream and encoding scheme, and any language-level problem they might be encountering.


                      I'm *not* aware of a widespread issue with video at this point, with the exception of Microsoft's Azure Media Player in IE11 on Win7 and below, and that's not really a video issue at it's heart.  I suspect that in this instance, they're either not following our well-documented guidelines for how to publish optimal streams, or the problem exists between their video servers and you.


                      In both cases, they have the visibility necessary to understand the problem and convey actionable details.  We can't troubleshoot the network route from them to you, but they can.


                      In the event that they conclude that this is a Flash Player issue they're more than welcome to send me a private message (just click my name) to get an engineering-level conversation going.  We'd be happy to help.

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                        zpoison Level 1

                        Thank you for the reply but somebody has already told me that I should contact the provider, which I did with no result.

                        It was all running just fine until the new security release of flash 3 weeks ago

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                          zpoison Level 1

                          Why is the problem is still there


                          It's been 2 month , the new security update is not working well with systems with 4GB ram


                          It was working well before that


                          My problem is high CPU usage when using a streaming website (see previous posts) website is www.younow.com on chrome

                          It peaks every 20 seconds , every time, always

                          and this also slows down all my PC

                          My problem is NOT "edit the mmf .cfg file"

                          One moderator has melted my actual problem with this thread , which was the opposite thing that was supposed to be done

                          My problem is high CPU usage using streaming website  www.younow.com , on chrome


                          You suggested to give the blame on the streaming website and ask THEM to resolve this but they don't do anything


                          Can I revert to flash 29 , I mean before this crap security update ? PLEASE

                          Or what is the solution I want to have it like it was before the security update

                          I was not having hiogh CPU usage peaks back then, maybe medium high CPU usage, but it was still working, now I cannot do anything, it almost freeze the PC. It slows down a lot