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    Restaurar RAW con JPG editado

    bmartinezconcha Level 1

      Hola, tiempo atrás edité varias fotos en RAW y las exporté a JPG para guardarlas.

      Luego, quité del catálogo los archivos RAW por error y con eso perdí la edición de todas esas fotos...

      Hay alguna forma de restaurar la edición de un archivo RAW según los metadatos de un JPG???


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          johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

          Google translation: Restore RAW with edited JPG. Hello, some time ago I edited several photos in RAW and exported them to JPG to save them. Then, I removed the RAW files from the catalog by mistake and with that I lost the editing of all those photos ... Is there any way to restore the edition of a RAW file according to the metadata of a JPG ??? Thank you!

          Do you have a backup of the catalog?  You could open the catalog backup, restore the deleted raws to their original location, then open the current catalog, and do File > Import From Another Catalog to import those photos (along with their editing) from your catalog backup.


          Alternatively, you could use the free utility ExifTool to extract the XMP metadata from the JPEGs into .xmp sidecars for the raws. Then import the raws into your current catalog. But this requires that you had previously set the option Catalog Settings > Metadata > Automatically Write Changes Into XMP. And using ExifTool in this way requires some technical expertise.

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            johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

            Also, if the raws are still in the Recycle Bin / Trash, and if you had the option Automatically Write Changes Into XMP set, then the editing of the raws will be in their .xmp sidecar files (also in the Recycle Bin / Trash).